Unlearn & Rewild

Unlearn & Rewild is the part of Su Ferreri that has nothing to do with being a blacksmiths house, guesthouse, or a rooms for rent. Instead it has everything to do with reconnecting to your inner wisdom and knowledge.

From the minute we enter this world we are being taught how to behave, what to want,  and who to be. Sadly these teaching are rarely about what is best for us as natural human beings, instead they refer to the values and interests of the society and its economical system. This way we learn how to be a productive part of this society and serve the needs of her economical system. Since around the industrial revolution, western people as a society have been stepping away from nature. In doing so,  they created a gap between themselves and ‘the wild’. They have put all their money into this separation (quite literally) and they haven’t looked back since. But slowly we start to feel this estrangement. We start to feel imbalanced and unsure. Many of us have lost the confidence and security we were once born with and know only how to look to others for reassurance and affirmation.

We created a place where you can regain what was lost. We garden, ferment, practise yoga, care for animals, journey, cook, forage, meditate, journal and generally submerge ourselves in the art of life. Unlearn & Rewild is the name of our intention, our dream, to become whole again. We want to give you the opportunity to explore ways to let go of social conditioning and adventure inside your own landscape. We offer retreats, courses, seminars, coaching and workshops to help you on your way. Our program aims to empower you, reclaim your wildest self and uncover your own truth. This journey can bring you a better understanding of who you are and what you need in life. Unlearn, and let go of that which doesn’t serve you. Rewild and connect with your own mystic truth.


Everything on this earth is inherently wild. If it lives and dies, it is part of the wildness that is life. Our word ‘will’ is rooted in the word ‘wild’; the will of a creature, the will of the land — the driving force at its essence is its wildness. In a culture build on denying this truth, we tend to think of wildness as an exception, as something that exists in isolated pockets of wilderness here and there. Wildness is the rule, not the exception.

— Miles Olson —