Cycling around Sorradile

We have seen them around on the island at times. Always strong and confident, with concentrated faces. Now and again all dressed down with red faces gulping down water. They always ignite such awe in me. I admire there perseverance and courage and strength. Cyclers. They must feel free as the wind going downhill at such speeds that it already tickles me thinking of it.But the uphills, oh wow, those can be intense on our little island. And they just go, steadfast, until they reach the top.

It is a beautiful island for cycling. In April we had the pleasure of hosting a couple of cyclers at Su Ferreri and they were so nice to share their routes with us. So if you are looking for a sportive holiday where beautiful scenery, good food, sweet people and almost empty roads make you happy, then cycling in Sardegna might be for you!

Here is the info that our cyclers gave us, I hope you enjoy it! They stayed at Su Ferreri and left from the house almost each time. Once they took their bikes in the car with them to start a little further. For any who is interested, they also gave us their GPX files.


Ride 1

101 km, 1786 m climbing

A ride from Bosa along the coast to Alghero and back through the mountains. The coast road is very beautiful with some small climbs. The mountains on the way back are a bit higher.


Ride 2

55 km, 990 m climbing

Nice ride in the hills east of Sorradile, very nice roads and no very steep bits (maximum around 7%).


Ride 3

102 km, 1804 m climbing

Ride to the Lago Gusana. The first part is relatively flat, after Olzai the road goes up into the hills. After some nice climbs and descends around the Lago Gusana, the climb from Tiana is a bit more challenging  (around 10-11%). After the descend to Austis there are some relatively easy climbs before the descend back to Sorradile.


Ride 4

39 km, 728 m climbing

Short ride to Neoneli, Busachi (nice for a coffee), then a steep descend to the lake and back to Sorradile.


Ride 5

46 km, 801 m climbing

A nice ride in the mountains close to Sorradile including some great descends too.


Ride 6

111 km, 1866 m climbing

This ride starts with a quick descend to the lake followed by the climb back up to Ghilarza. Then a gradual ascend to Santu Lussurzu after which the road climbs into the mountains around Cuglieri. These are some very nice mountain roads which arent too steep but take you up to almost 900 m above the sea. Once over the pass, you can enjoy a great view on the Sea during the descend to Cuglieri. The way back leads over some small mountain roads back to Ghilarza.



My yoga journey

I started practising yoga little under a year ago. It was always on my list of things that I wanted to incorporate in my daily life, but somehow it never happened. I knew I wanted it, I knew it would make my life better, but I kept making excuses for not starting up a practise. I don’t have time for yoga. I don’t have money to go to a yoga class. I am already so busy with other important things, I just want to relax when I am home. And maybe a more silent conviction; I am not flexible enough to do yoga.

So the years went by and I didn’t get into yoga. Others around me did, and once in a while I went to a kundalini yoga class with them which always left me very impressed and aware of how much good it would do me to start a regular yoga practise. A few years ago I went to Sudtirol to work for a season in the swimming pool of a friend of mine. This job led to a grape picking job when the summer season was over and that job led to a job at the Christmas market in Innsbruck, Austria. Here I met the most amazing guy, working in the stall right next to me and we fell in love hard. So hard that I moved to his home place with him after a crazy summer traveling around the south of Europe in a little camper van. And here, on the beautiful island of Sardegna in a small village surrounded by olive trees and vinyards, I finally let yoga into my life.

Boy, did that change everything! I started easy with a 30 day program of one of my yoga crushes Adriene Mishler. She has amazing free videos on youtube that will help any beginner into a great practise. I enjoyed all of her videos so much, and I still come back to them. She helped me to get into a daily practise and taught me many of the foundations, all the while sending so much enthusiasm and joy across that screen. Then my practise evolved to a new level because a dear friend gifted me a month of yoga with The House of  Yoga online school. This opened yet another dimension for me regarding to my daily practise. They have many video’s with a variety of asana practises but also include a bunch of talks and meditation video’s.

These days I am such a huge fan of yoga, I love how it brings me so much deeper into life and myself. Sure, I am way more flexible than when I started, but that isn’t the reason why I am just head over heels in love with yoga. It is the profound relation I am cultivating every single day with who I am. It is the way it enables me to release those emotions, situations, thoughts or ideas that don’t serve me. It is the opening up to a higher sense of being alive. It is the way it shows me how to cope with stress and difficulties. I probably could go on and on about why I am so happy to finally let yoga into my life. But I won’t. Because yoga is also about you, it is unique for everyone because we are all different. So what makes me happy doesn’t have to be what makes you happy.

That being said, I would love to open up a conversation about your yoga. Why do you love it so much? What is your relationship to your practise? I am all ears!

Roberto Desogus

Where the wild things are…

Hi, I am Roberto. I have just graduated in Physiotherapy at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, University of Cagliari. Before this I explored more in the realm of knowledge which left me with a degree in Economics (Faculty of Economy, University of Cagliari) and a certificate of Reflexology (a one year course in a well known studio of Chinese medicine in Cagliari). After all these years of education I feel that now is the time for me to embrace my passions like long distance kayaking, rock climbing and the most important one – deep meditation. I see Meditation as a way of life e.g. a way to treat myself and others. I believe in the use of scientific knowledge combined with holistic connections between our muscular/ skeletal structure and the  rest of the body. In my treatments I love to integrate my knowledge as a professional physiotherapist with meditation and relaxation techniques.

Sandra van Duuren

Where the wildlings are…

From a young age on I have been interested in discovering the unknown and it didn’t matter to me whether that unknown was outside or inside me. After years of traveling, studying and discovering the world around me, I felt I wanted more. I decided to enrol for a private school that offered Lifecoach courses.  I was excited to be venturing into new and mysterious depths of myself but at the same time my world seemed to turn upside down. In a way I had to get lost before I could find myself again. The experience left me with a deeper sense of who I am and what I want and need in life. It also equipped me with useful tools and knowledge, so that I can guide others who feel as adventurous as me. In the years that followed my life, and I, changed more. I felt drawn towards a more natural way of living, a closer contact with everything that essentially is life. Now I live in a small Sardinian village where I am rediscovering many of the lost arts of life.

I feel strongly about the empowerment of humankind. I see all around me how people have lost their sense of self worth. How they are unsure about their own feelings and ideas. I feel that the current society and system has left us with a loss of who we are and what we are capable of. It is important to me to reconnect people with their inner strength. Their inner knowledge. We are all creatures of endless evolution and we carry within us the fruits of this journey of trial and error. We are wise beyond words. We are destined to be content and even happy beings, coexisting with the world around us. But we made some collective choices that had disastrous consequences. Yet it is never to late to go back. Since we are natural beings, always connected to life and existence itself, we have the possibility to reconnect to that primal strength and wisdom. I feel drawn to help those who wish to do so on their way. I am not here to tell you what to do, or what to feel. I am here to share my journey and the tips and tricks I learned on my path. I believe you have all the necessary tools within yourself. But for most it is difficult to reach that knowledge. I can help you with turning inward and reconnecting to your essence, your birthright. You are complete, you are whole, you are connected. We are one. We are love.

Our program Unlearn & Rewild has the same values and goals as my coaching practise. I believe that we all have our own inner wisdom and so the answers to our questions are within ourselves. In a coaching session I aim at reconnecting you with your deepest self. We will delve into the mysterious waters of your soul to emerge with knowledge, vision and clarity. My style is intuitive, I create a comfortable and trusting rapport that enables you to open up and share your wishes. On this journey I will be a guide, instead of telling you what needs to be done, I coach you to find your answers and knowledge within yourself.

My sessions feature breath work, conscious movement, visualisation, energetic exercises (i.e. an energetic manifestation of inner parts in dialogue), affirmation, tarot readings, inner critic (i.e. self talk), archetypes, creative expression, the medicine wheel and more. Through communication and immersion you will explore a new world of self love, confidence, empowerment and joy.

La Dolce Serenità

I am so happy and excited to tell you all about this upcoming retreat! It is a holistic yoga and meditation retreat that we will host in Su Ferreri,  led by an amazing beautiful young women and her equally talented man. They will guide you with love and gentle care through days filled with awareness, yoga, music meditation, sound healing and more.


To give you an idea about what to expect here is a look at the programme:

  • Daily Yoga Classes
    • in the morning Vinyasa Flow and Workshop in the afternoon (like Yin-Yoga/Partneryoga- open for all levels)
  • Daily Meditation Classes
    • Meditation in the Morning and at night we will hold Music Meditations, Soundhealing and much more
  • Music Meditation Journeys and Soundhealing Sessions
    • we will invite to Journey with us in different musical and transformational experiences hold at night in olive groves by candle light or on the fire place
  • Concerts and Singing Circles at the Bonfire
    • every night we offer a beautiful session- meditation ceremonies or a bonfire circle with singing and chanting. Our talented musician Temple Haze will also give a bonfire concert.
  • Theory Classes
    • to dive deeper into the ancient wisdom of Buddhism and Shamanism, to understand the philosophy behind the techniques we practice
  • Organic Farming
    • you want to learn more about organic farming and making your own Kombucha? Sandra has a lot to the teach.
  • Adventures
    • we want to show you the ancient and sacred places of this part of Sardinia and will guide you back in time.

That looks pretty darn good, right!


I have worked with Alisa before and I have attended one of her workshops at a festival. I think she is an amazing, energetic and strong soul and I am really excited to have her at Su Ferreri to share her yoga and art. Here is a little introduction to her:

Alisa hosted several retreats together with her creative and professional team. She is a trained and experienced Yoga Teacher and loves to bring different styles together in a flow that fits the yogis rather than following a rigid routine. With Temple she shares several projects such as the Music Meditation Journey, a melodically introspective adventure into the subconscious. Read more about her here.

I am looking forward to attending one of the sound healing meditations that they will perform during the retreat. I have heard much about them and I couldn’t be more happy to finally be able to experience one. (Find out more about them here.) She creates these journeys together with Temple:

Temple is a singer/songwriter and composer. Through his eponymous solo projects spanning many genre’s and atmospheric layers, and as the frontman of the trip-hop band Bakery, he has made a name for himself. The key is music with feeling, open structures to allow improvisation, and real heart and soul behind it. The music meditations portray the best of his universal knowledge and empathic feeling for music. Preview click here.

So guys, there are limited spaces! Don’t hesitate and treat yourself to this relaxing and sunny journey in the middle of beautiful, raw Sardegna! Can’t wait to eat homemade, wood oven pizza with you!

Find out more about this retreat on the website of Alisa, right here

Hello Sister!

I am happy to share with you that I am organising another Women Circle Retreat! I think that life is a sum of countless stories and one of them is the Tale of Women. The first one was a magical meeting filled with deep conversation, lots of laughs, a few tears, profound connecting, delicious food, yoga and free expression (you can read more about it here). The following retreats have all been so special and profound in their own way. I wish all women to experience the connection, support, love and shared wisdom that I feel in our circles. This is why I would like to invite you to come and be a part of the next story. img_20160720_204143

The Tale of Women is a retreat where women come together under the full or new moon to share their stories and wisdom. Here we find answers, support and help each other. We honour the sacred feminine and share information about our cycles, our nature, our heritage, our bodies and our culture. We also flow together in movement, journey deep into our souls and venture into nature’s bliss. This retreat is not meant to exclude men, it is merely a time and place where women can reconnect to the female energy without distraction.

My style is intuitive with an open and flexible attitude to the group energy and the individual needs. I invite all the women to share/ participate to the circle in a personal way. This can be anything that resonates with you like a yoga lesson, a breathing exercise, a text you like to read out loud, dance moves, your medicine. It can be anything, so let your imagination run free and express yourself!

You will stay here with us at Su Ferreri, the Blacksmiths House in Sorradile. We are situated on a mountain surrounded by vineyards, olive trees, forests, energetic rock formations and archeological sites. From the terrace of the house you look out over the big lake and on clear days you can see the shimmer of the ocean in the distance. Our house is spacious and comfortable with an authentic style and can accommodate up to 15 people. During the retreat we will enjoy beautiful italian food made with love and care. We love healthy, plant-based slow food with as much local ingredients as possible.


Come and enjoy the warm sunlight, the outdoor pizza oven, the beautiful nature, the deep connection and conversations with us.


Date: 19 October – 22 October
Price: 45€ per person per night, food included

Book this retreat now:

Have you met our donkeys?!

Last year we adopted two donkeys into the family. I still get excited when I think about them. They are such foreign creatures to me, they delight me to no end! We named the brown, five year old girl Rosa and her best friend Paulie, a two year old male. They live here and there, since donkeys are nomadic by nature. We move them around to a new field or hill every time they finished the food in the old spot. And let me tell you, donkeys eat a lot! So we learned. They can also drink a lot, especially in summer, so one of our daily tasks is to bring them fresh water. Even if they didn’t finish the old water, we change it because donkeys are picky when it comes to the quality of what they consume. Who can blame them, I also like fresh things!



So we let them graze and we treat them to (veggie) kitchen scraps or leftover produce, basically the stuff that otherwise would end up on the compost. I don’t like to waste food, I always try to figure it out just right, but sometimes we just have an excess of something. You may remember that we had a lot of zucchini, well, as it turns out, donkeys don’t like zucchini. But they do love a lot of other veggies and fruits, they even love lemons. It is so funny to watch them eat something juicy, they chew the apple or lemon or orange but they can’t keep their mouth shut so the juices will just stream over their chin onto the grass. Rosa gets real protective over treats, she always tries to kick Pauli away so she can eat it all! We obviously make sure everybody gets their share.

These past winter months they got a little extra, a combination of peas, oats and corn. I didn’t expect it but they loved it. It must be the sugar in the corn, right? Usually the winters here are very green and there is enough to eat for the grazers, but this year we had the feeling that they were hungry. It has been really cold for a couple of weeks and even though they have a winter coat, (Paulie has a bit of orange in his!) we both felt that a little extra nutrition couldn’t hurt. We are careful though, donkeys tend to overeat and get fat!