Unlearn & Rewild

Unlearn & Rewild is the part of Su Ferreri that is focussed on healing, transformation, integration and our inner truth. We believe that change starts within ourselves. If we want to create a better world we have the power within us to be the change we wish to see around us. Knowing yourself is one of the first steps towards being able to make a change. Personal healing is a huge part of global healing.

We realised as we grew up that a lot of the information we got from our families, society, education systems etc is coloured by the motives and goals of the monetary system we live in, aka capitalism. One of the lessons we learn at a young age is that we are separate from nature; nature is dirty; nature is unsafe.

The social conditioning that happens as we grow up is a fact of life, it can not be avoided. But we can be aware and challenge the teachings that we receive. Alessandro and me come from different places, with teaching alike and diverse, but at one point in life our paths crossed. We found that both of us were challenging the teachings of the collective so we were happy to have endless conversations about finding our individual truth together.

From these long conversations from the depths of our souls spun the idea to create a place where others could do the same. To become aware of social conditioning, let go what does not serve us, or feels good for us, and integrate once more with our roots in nature.  The civilisation we ,dominant western culture, created is driven by the urge to domesticate.

“Once human societies start domesticating each other and their land bases, that is, violating and smothering their will, the process seems to become obsessive; it feeds itself. … It may be that humans began domesticating and developing agricultural societies with beautiful intentions, but once the process of taking wild space and turning it into human-designed ‘production’ begins, things go out of control……The final dream of civilisation is that everything will be controlled, organised, categorised; all wildness and spontaneity will be eradicated. Fish will live in fish farms. Trees will grow in tree farms. Animals for our food will live in feedlots. Humans will live in cities completely isolated from any other creatures (except cute pets), isolated from anything that might remind them of true wild nature. … Of course, it isn’t really the future i am describing.”

 — Miles Olson / Unlearn, Rewild —

The leading societies of today’s world practise a separation from wildness. A division between the wild and the civilised. The cultivation of this split has created a feeling of uneasiness, longing and loneliness. A feeling of not belonging. Many people feel a sense of loss but they are unsure of the root. They fill up the gap they feel inside with what they think they miss. Things like money, power and status.

Enter Su Ferreri, the blacksmiths house. A house build by the grandfather of Alessandro who transformed iron into tools now became a centre for people to gather and transform questions into answers. We created the Unlearn & Rewild program to help people find their inner truth, their own truth. It helps you to become aware of the choices you have. Unlearn & Rewild offers information and support in the form of private sessions, workshops, retreats and seminars.

Unlearn stands for the letting go of the social conditioning that doesn’t fit you. Our societies have an agenda of their own, and the lessons we learn in life when we grow up are connected to the needs of that society, not the needs of the person. The same goes for certain values we learn from our families and friends, we all go through different processes in life and the needs and answers we seek can vary according to our differences. We want to help you rediscover your own needs. Your answers, your values. That is where we start to Rewild.

“To rewild necessarily means understanding and unlearning our conditioning, the cultural programming that determines how we see and interact with the world. … To believe that humans are not animals; that animals do not think or feel or speak.That humans have “intelligence” and it is unique to us. That the “natural” world is separate from the “human” world and exists as an inexhaustible pool of “resources” for human consumption. That you work, you pay rent, you buy food. You don’t ask why

  — Miles Olson / Unlearn, Rewild —

Rewild stands for the re-integration with nature. Essentially with ourselves, since we are nature. One of the values and lessons that society teaches us is that we are separate from nature. We all learn that nature is dangerous, dirty and chaotic. We, as a well functioning society that focusses on making money, need to be clean and structured. Nature makes us sick, nature could kill us, nature creates chaos and a mess. Nature is only safe in a domesticated and disinfected way. When we integrate, or re-integrate, with our wildness and thus nature, we will be able to heal. We heal ourselves and we will be one step closer to healing the world.

“Rewilding stands opposite to domestication. Where domestication means domination, control, oppression  and eradication of what does not submit, rewilding means breaking free from these elements and working against them, enabling others (human and non-human) to escape oppression and live with integrity. At its essence, the wildness, the life force in everything domesticated is fighting to express itself, to find a crack, sprout and grow; to find a hole in the fence and make a break. This includes humans.”

                                                                                                       — Miles Olson / Unlearn, Rewild —




Women Circle Retreat

Soon it is time again to gather under the new moon and share, connect and bond in our femininity. We celebrate our womanhood and sisterhood together in a long weekend filled with profound connection. The previous gatherings have been nothing less but magical, so full of sharing, caring, exploring and discovering. I wish for any women to experience the support, connection and recognition that we feel during these days and long after.

When I first felt the idea coming into existence in my head, I never could have imagined how profound these meetings would be. How much light, happiness and peace they would give me and the women who participated. Now I know that this idea didn’t come to me by accident or coincidence. It was a seed that needed to sprout, a gift from life itself. Sorradile, our authentic Sardinian village, is the perfect place for this women circle. Here we can relax into timelessness, nature and the caress of the sun. There are no distractions, no hurries or stress. There is just us, together, in harmony. We will be enjoying each others company, delicious Italian food and the intentional movements of our bodies, while we release all that doesn’t serve us anymore and recharge our batteries.

I invite you with warmth and sincerity into my home to experience the magic of the circle for yourself. This October we will gather under the new moon from the  19th till 22nd. You will stay at Su Ferreri, the Blacksmiths House. Please fill in the form so I can check you in and give you further details. You are also welcome to ask any questions with this form.



A Journey to the Heart – Chakra Yoga Retreat

 This September we will create something special together with Amanda Oleary and Kim Kuijpers.  A Journey to the Heart is a Chakra Yoga retreat that focusses on…….you guessed it…..the chakras! I am very excited to be able to work with these beautiful humans for whenever we get together, magic happens.

Join us on a journey through the chakras at our yoga retreat in gorgeous Sardinia. We will welcome you on the 17th of May with refreshments and a delicious Italian dinner. For the next five days we will be travelling through time and space guided by our own inner forces and healing centers. We will open and awaken each chakra with yoga, essential oil massages, pranayama and connection tools. We close our retreat in style on the evening of the 22th. A little peek into what we will be teaching and sharing, all connected to and inspired by the chakras:

– two daily yoga sessions
– daily meditation practise
– essential oil workshops
– an introduction to thai massage
– connection workshop
– Sensory Chakra Journey
– nature expeditions
– Sound & Vibrations feaured by AlO
– three healthy vegetarian meals a day

You will stay at Su Ferreri, the Blacksmiths House, in a village in the middle of Sardegna where time seems to stand still. Sorradile is situated on a mountain surrounded by vineyards, olive trees, forests, energetic rock formations and archeological sites. From the terrace of the house you look out over the big lake and on clear days you can see the shimmer of the ocean in the distance. The house is spacious and comfortable with an authentic style and can accommodate up to 15 people. During the retreat we will enjoy beautiful Italian food made with love and care. We love healthy, plant-based slow food with as much local ingredients as possible.

Please be sure to reserve your spot with us as places are limited. There are six bedrooms in our house with a total of nine single beds and three double beds and three bathrooms. (There is the possibility to join two single beds into a double if needed.) You can tell us your preference for a certain room or roommate, the earlier you reserve the more chance you have to end up with your preferred choice. The beds are arranged in the following order:
– room of the owls: three single beds
– room of the wolves: two single beds (private bathroom)
– room of the equine: three/four single beds
– room West: one double french bed
– room East: one double bed/ one single bed
– room Southwest: one double bed

The price we ask for this retreat is € . You have reserved a spot after you transferred a reservation fee of € . Two weeks before the retreat you are kindly asked to transfer the remaining € .

We are very excited to share this journey with you! It will be a mystical yet grounding experience. We will fill our hearts with joy and love so we can continue the greatest journey of all, our life, with lightness and spaciousness.



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Body Language

Hi there,

As my yoga journey continues I learn more and more about myself and my body. The learning happens on many levels. From the inside out, I learn how to create space so I can move deeper into a pose, I feel my body strengthening as I free myself of my limiting thoughts and allow my body to persevere, I feel my balance improving every time I focus on my third eye, find my mula banda and engage my core.

I feel myself opening up to the limits and possibilities of my body. I listen to how I talk to myself and what words I use. I notice how I react when I can or can’t do something I want to do. I observe my emotions during intense stretches and positions. And I use this information also when I am not on my mat.

The last couple of days I have added a new way of learning. I film myself during practise to see what I am not able to see while I practise. Since I do not have the possibility to go to a class right now, I figured I would be my own teacher. Well, I can tell you a whole new world of challenges has opened up because of this. It is like hearing your own voice for the first time, in my experience very few people enjoy that!

I am now no longer ignorant of my posture. It is a very different thing to feel your body from the inside out, and to see your body from the outside. I find it confronting but at the same time extremely useful and helpful. One of my life goals is to take care of myself in the best way I can, and to do that I need to take care of my body. Bad posture is not a good way to take care of yourself.

Seeing myself using my body has truly made an impression. I am more committed than ever to do my body justice and use it in the most constructive way possible. I once read in an article about muscles and fitness that we should be aware of what we communicate with our bodies all day long, not only while we work-out. It is an illusion to think we can change something in our bodies by only focussing on the hour and a half in the gym, while the other twenty two and a half hours we do not pay any attention to that intention.

I think this is a valid point. For example, I wish to improve my forward fold. For this I need lengthen my hamstrings. I have been stretching them for a while but I didn’t have much success so I looked a bit more into it. After seeing myself move on video  I could see immediately that I do not move from the hips. In order to forward fold deeper and lengthen my hamstrings I first have to open my hips so I can start rotating at the beginning of my spine, not halfway through.

Since I noticed I only use half of my spine when I bend over, I now try to be aware of this bad habit off the mat too. It makes sense to incorporate this information in my daily life, as there are many moments that I need make use of this movement. Would I only try to fix this habit on the mat I think it would take me a very long time. As it is, already it is a very difficult habit to break. After years of not rotating my hips when I fold forward, these girls are rusty to say the least. They just don’t expect the work anymore. Needless to say my body compensated in other areas and none the better.

But, now I know I can change it. It may take me a long time, it may not be easy, but that’s ok. Every time I have to pick something up from the floor I am thankful for another chance to better my posture and take care of myself!


Ferment for Life

Not a day goes by without consuming some of my homemade ferments. I love the acidic flavour that many ferments have, the kick they add to my lunch or dinner, and the way I feel when I incorporate them into my food daily. In fact, when I am not able to eat or drink my ferments I notice my body asks for them. I crave ferments.

I started my fermentation journey with a few water kefir grains given to me by a friend and I am hooked since. I have fermented milk kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, jun, dandelions, lemons, sourdough, vinegar, pickles and a long list of varied vegetables, herbs and spices. There is still a lot on my wish list to ferment, I am not done playing and enjoying by far. For me, to ferment is not just a healthy practise, it is also a grounding practise, an empowering practise and a creative practise. I would go as far as to say it is an act of rebellion.

Right now you might be looking at your sauerkraut or glass of kombucha in wonder, trying to imagine how on earth that cabbage you chopped up or tea you steeped was an act of rebellion. Well, let me explain my thoughts on this. Fermenting foods and eating them gives us the opportunity to be in charge of our own health. I believe that a big part of being healthy lies within the food we consume. Our society has developed in a way of putting the authority of our health outside of ourselves. Not only does a doctor decide whether or not we are sick and how we are to get better, we have lost contact with our food. Food production is done by farmers and big corporations out of  sight and often not even on the same continent. They decide how to grow our food, what pesticides and antibiotics they use, how much space livestock gets or how they treat the soil. The consumer doesn’t really have a say in the matter. For many of us food preparation is done by companies that use machines tucked away in factories. The methods they use, the additives, the ingredients and preservation are barely known to us.

What most consumers know these days of food is what it looks like all wrapped up in plastic by the time you buy it in your supermarket. To prepare it you need only to pop it in the microwave or add water and heat it up. We do not choose what we eat, although we like to think that we do, the international money market decides what ends up in your food and supermarket isles. Distancing ourselves from our food and subsequently our health, or vice versa, has left many of us with little confidence when it comes to these matters. Most people do not know how to grow food, how to prepare food for consumption or what healthy choices are for them.

Enter fermentation. By daily consuming our home fermented delicacies we are able to take better care of our health. Eating live cultured foods fuels your body with good, probiotic bacteria and enzymes that keep your gut in optimal condition and enhance your immune system. Additionally, many of these bacteria are excellent detoxifiers. Certain foods are better digestible after fermentation and in other foods the proces of fermentation will help release vitamins and minerals.  I am not saying that ferments are miracle workers or a cure for any illness, but they will aid you and your body to stay healthy. In my opinion it is better to nurture our health continuously instead of trying to cure ourself when the damage is done.

When we ferment we are in charge. We decide what is good for us, we decide what we put in that glass jar, we decide how it is preserved. A fermenting practise strengthens our relationship with food and reconnects us with it. While being more intimate with our food we begin to trust ourselves more and start regaining a healthy (pun intended) relationship with our health. Who knows, this new confidence might even lead us to get involved further in our health and diet. We might start growing our own vegetables, get informed on what happens out there to our seeds, crops and animals or learn more about cooking and healthy choices.

My fermentation practise has definitely inspired me to learn more about the importance of eating live cultured foods. Being so involved with it has naturally made me want to know and do more. It has become a happy routine to check in with my ferments, to make them and to enjoy them. It makes me feel so good to be able to take care of myself in a way that is not only tasty but also fun and creative. I keep experimenting and playing with vegetables, fruits, salty water, yeast and bacteria. I said it before and I will say it again. Not a day goes by without enjoying a good taste of home fermented food.



Practical information

We give fermentation workshops at Su Ferreri, email or message us for more information.


Join us this summer at WAO festival or Psy-Fi festival for one of our workshops.

Summer workshops

This summer of love we will be travelling to a few festivals to share some of our knowledge with you! We would love to meet you at one of these locations so take a look at our agenda to see if we will be somewhere near you. Below you will find a short description of our workshops.

Deepen your Connection – Couple Workshop

In this workshop we aim to establish a more profound connection between two people. We will start with opening our senses and selves to a few key concepts we deem necessary to sustain a relationship and continue with deepening and strengthening the existing bond. Furthermore we will explore two essentials of connection; receiving and giving.

In order to maintain healthy and loving relationships we need to have a healthy and loving relationship with ourselves. In order to trust, we need to be able to trust ourselves. Every relationship and interaction we have with the world and each other starts within ourselves. So this is also where we start our workshop. Once we created this space within ourselves we can look outward. From a position of self love, trust and confidence we move our attention toward the significant other. We will create a strong connection/bond with one another through which will we share/communicate love, truth and gratitude.

Couples will leave this workshop with a deeper sense of self and consequently a deeper sense of togetherness.


Mystic Truth – Private Healing

I offer private healing sessions to get in touch with your own mystic truth. I believe that we all have our own inner wisdom and so the answers to our questions are within ourselves. In our session you will learn how to listen to your inner voice and shed the layers created by outside authorities. You will explore tools to let go of social conditioning and adventure inside your own landscape. We will delve deep into the mysterious waters of your soul to emerge with knowledge, vision and clarity.

I have several techniques that I like to use. My sessions feature breath work, conscious movement, visualisation, inner journey, energetic exercises (i.e. an energetic manifestation of inner parts in dialogue), affirmation, tarot readings, inner critic (i.e. self talk), archetypes, creative expression, the medicine wheel, active stillness, journaling and more.


The Act of Fermentation – Seminar/workshop

For us, fermentation is a way of reclaiming our rights to healthy food. An act of empowerment or even rebellion. Rebellion against a system that makes it increasingly difficult for her population to have acces to healthy and real food. After all, food is a social construct and we are taught what we can or cannot eat through culture. These days few people even know anymore what real food looks like and there is a growing fear for food that is alive, like fermentations.

To ferment is not just a healthy practise, it is also a grounding practise, enabling you to tune in each time you work with your ferments. It is a moment to be fully present, fully in the moment and be aware. This time you spend on your ferments is essentially time you spend on yourself.  As the ferments are connected with your body and health; your existence.

It is our goal to show people there is nothing scary about cultured food; anyone can do it and it is healthy and very tasty!


The new Yoga Studio!

I can’t tell you how happy we are that we finally finished the yoga studio. But I will try. We are so happy! Haha, seriously. Of all the projects and home improvement we had to do the last one and a half year, this area was one of the most challenging for us. Previously it was the workshop of the blacksmith, Alo’s grandfather, and the place was full of iron, tools and unidentified objects. The cleaning out was half of the work and it took us long enough. After that things went a bit smoother.


After all the hard work we were stoked to host the first yoga retreat at our place. You can read more about the retreat and the Soneiro Collective (the couple we collaborated with) here.



We can’t wait to host and organise more retreats in this beautiful space. Did you know that it is also possible to rent our Yoga Studio for private teachings or classes? There is room for 15+ people to practise yoga, plus the teacher. The room is about 53 m2 with a high ceiling. Yogamats are available on request. For more information about the yoga studio, retreats, lessons or renting you can leave a comment or send us an email. We are happy to help you find what fits your wishes the best.