Wild Women


“It is time” sings the little swift to me when I am outside hanging up the freshly washed laundry. 

“It is time” whisper the pine trees at the little sacred hill where I play with the dogs.

“It is time” roars the water that falls down the rocks in the valley between Sorradile and Ardauli.

“It is time” blows the wind that carries with him the salty scent of the sea.

“It is time” shines the sun with all her heat that makes me want to take of my clothes and dance between the flowers.


Time for what you might ask?


Time to come home.

Time to break free.

Time to stop.

Time to breathe.

Time to laugh.

Time to cry.

Time to know.

Time to return to your wild nature.


Time to gather in this beautiful, mesmerising, authentic and mystic little village in the heart of Sardinia. Time to share your wonder, your pain, your wisdom and your heart. Time to let go, grab hold, stop and go on. Time to ask the questions and find the answers. Yes, it is time, again.

I remember each gathering with the warmest feeling and lightest of hearts. It is an experience of all the senses; all the feels, laughs, hugs, tears and endless talks. It’s resonance lingers long after we go our separate ways again. The connection remains, strong and deep, anchored in our souls.

Every time it is different. Everything that is needed will arise, exist and manifest. I guide the energies that are present, whether they are in plain sight or waiting and wanting to be revealed. I hold a safe space for all of us to stay open, vulnerable and curious. Transformation, revelation, consolation and relaxation are our guests of honour. We all change. We are all affected. And happier for it.


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The wildish nature does not require a woman to be a certain color, a certain education, a certain lifestyle or economic class … in fact, it cannot thrive in an atmosphere of enforced political correctness, or by being bent into old burnt-out paradigms. It thrives on fresh sight and self-integrity. It thrives on its own nature. So, whether you are an introvert or extrovert, a woman-loving woman, a man-loving woman, or a God-loving woman, or all of the above: Whether you are possessed of a simple heart or the ambitions of an Amazon, whether you are trying to make it to the top or just make it through tomorrow, whether you be spicy or somber, regal or roughshod—the Wild Woman belongs to you. She belongs to all women.

Estés, Dr. Clarissa Pinkola. Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype


When: 08 June to 11 June

Where: Su Ferreri in Sorradile (Sardinia)

What: We gather for four days to share, connect and rewild.

How much: 75 Euro per night per person, breakfast & lunch, program included

More questions? Want to reserve? Please use the from below to contact me.


Manda O’Leary

Where the wildings are….Manda’s relationship with movement begin at the age of 3. She used ballet and modern dance as a way to experiment and express herself as she traveled thru her youth.
Ballet gave her a deep understanding of the body but it wasn’t until her very first yoga class that she was touched by the body’s connection to the mind and soul.
Traveling thru this new found love she also began to travel thru the world. Leaving her home in America to discover a home with herself.
Manda believes, through the practice of yoga we find out authentic selves and become in touch with what we truly are. She eagerly shares what she loves most, healing through movement with nature as our guide. Manda has a deep connection with essential oils and all their benefits and powers and loves to incorporate them in her teaching.

“Inspiration comes sometimes
In the most simple moments,
For me, it was sitting with my grandmother, watching her massage oils
Into my feet, as she softly shared fairytales of where these healing oils came from.
My grandma was wise, not only with the knowledge she carried,
But because she was planting seeds with her words and she believed in the day I would pass those seeds on as well.
Nature provides us with everything we need to heal ourselves.
These oils are not only beautiful to smell and use on our skin or in our home, but there are alive and carrying a very high frequency of healing and nurture.
Learning how to emotionally connect to the oils is life enhancing, and life changing.

I can’t wait to share the secrets and wisdoms I have learned from my grandma with you, where we will take them from everyday use to exploring them on the mat with our yoga practice.”


Music, Meditation and Throat Singing

Hi guys,

It is Alessandro here. I wanted to take this opportunity to share a bit about one of my passions; music.

I began to experience music as a small child. My parents loved to sing in family reunions, my mother used to sing in a choir with her sister and with the sister of my dad. Singing has been (and still is) for them a moment to release tension, to let emotions flow and to feel a “oneness” with the other singers. As an only child I was encouraged to learn traditional Sardinian songs and to sing them out loud standing up on a chair at the end of family meals at my grandmother’s house. This is how I made a living during my childhood ;).

As a teenager I was in love with my electric guitar, I wrote songs with my cousin and two neighbours, who became my band for 5 years. We did rock gigs in and around Cagliari, my hometown, and happily ruined our hearing. Sorradile was our fountain of inspiration, where we gathered in front of the big fireplace at my grandmothers house and spend days in the nature surrounding the little village. These moments we spend off stage and outside of the rehearsal room made us more connected on stage. I realised for the first time how powerful nature and connection were as a source of inspiration.

The band stopped when I started traveling. On my journeys and travels  I only brought my acoustic guitar with me, which permitted me to explore gentler notes and voices. During this period I didn’t compose music or write songs, but I collected and listened to as much music as I liked, from as many different people, origins and countries as I could. More and more I started seeing the connection between seemingly very different music styles from different corners of the world. I collected instruments with which sounds I felt strongly connected. I love the rooting penetrating vibration of the didgeridoo and the spacey repetitiveness of the hand pan.

At that time electronic music played a marginal role in the styles that I listened to and liked. Later though, I actually discovered that some of my favourite albums had made great use of sampling. This caused a shift in my perception that made me put electronic music on the same level as instrumental/non electronic music.

Then I moved to Sorradile, here I am alone with the songs that are born in my head and all of my instruments. It is this little village of my youth where I find the peace and time to bring it all together. My daily yoga and meditation practise brings clarity and calmness. Before I was too nomadic to translate my inner landscape into music, wandering physically and mentally. I was living my life being caught up by the motions, feeling and dancing to its rhythm. But now there is a sense of settling down, long enough anyway to express what wants to unfold.

My newest discovery is the looping station and looping all of the sudden has become the best way to have my own band (perfect for an only child, I wish I had one when I was 10!) and to jam by myself. Now I am able to reproduce the recollections and memories of my travels and journeys layer by layer.


Throat Singing

Throat singing is a style of singing that is found in many regions of the world.
In this singing style, the voice is manipulated to imitate the sounds of nature creating harmonics and overtones. Think about how light becomes a rainbow of colours when it falls through a prism. Now imagine the throat being the prism for sound. The nature of light is also the nature of human voice. They both are a spectrum of frequencies, that can be associated to a colour or sound. The throat can be used to highlight certain frequencies of the voice and mute other ones. In throat singing a fundamental note is sang through the whole song, while overtones (harmonics) change in tonality.

In animistic traditions, the several ways nature manifests itself are considered to be more than their physical conformation and place. They are thought to have a spirit, and the sound they create is a part of their spirit. By mimicking these sounds, is said that humans can harness the power of the spirits of nature.

I got inspired to explore throat singing when listening to tuvan khoomei, the style of a remote region of Mongolia, Tuva. Listening to the whistles of the voices of the Mongolian people, I realised that I grew up with the throat sounds of Sardinia. I too, find inspiration in nature and this is where I borrow the atmospheres that I give back to the air through my music.


Yoga and Meditation

Currently I am working on combining my soundscape with another of my other passions; that of yoga. I am exploring how I can support, inspire and guide the practise of asana and meditation. I like to create a sound that brings the listener into my world, into my perception. Because my perception consists of all the music and sound that I have encountered in my life until now. I am influenced and inspired by many styles, instruments and musicians all over this world. And the beauty of music is that even though I create with the intention to share my perception, every listener will be on his or her own journey.





Here in Sardinia we have felt the first breaths of spring already! Oh how delicious to have the warmth of the sun glow on our cheeks again. After a couple of dark, cold weeks and a LOT of time spend hugging the stove in our little casetta, I am noticing a breeze of change sweeping over our island. The breeze reminds us of sand, salty water and floral scents thick on the air. YES! You got it, it smells like a promise and a memory at the same time. It will not be long now. Spring is really on her way. I can almost hear those swallows chatting again in that funny little bird language they have.

So. You know what that means right?! Spring. That means it’s time to reset. Time to shake off those thick layers of contemplation and solemnity. Time to frolic and flutter again. I’d say it is the perfect time to transform all the wisdom and hibernated energy of winter into action. Like the seeds in the soil that spend all winter planning and dreaming, then when spring arrives they are all ready to pop up and go for it. They don’t hesitate but simply activate. They ROOT DOWN and RISE UP.

This Yoga retreat, 18th of May till 22nd of May, is not just about Yoga, it is a CELEBRATION! Of spring, of life, of yoga and obviously, and perhaps most importantly, of yourself. What to expect?


– Two yoga sessions a day
– Daily meditation practises
– Essential oil workshop
– Sensory chakra Journey
– Fermentation workshop
– Nature expeditions
– Heart opening cacao ceremony
– Sound & Vibrations feaured by AlO
– Three healthy vegetarian meals a day
– Authentic Italian guesthouse
 and hospitality

And of course we haven’t told you everything, we like to keep a few surprises up our sleeves!

Let me introduce to you the beautiful Kim Kuijpers, one of the yoga teachers that will inspire and guide you at this retreat.

A creative spirit pur sang. She rocks her job as art director events at Nachtlab agency. It is up to her to create worlds within worlds, which she does in style with a touch of magic and a dash of the surreal. Eight years ago she started practising yoga, a choice that has led her to a more balanced lifestyle and a deeper sense of awareness. Kim enjoyed the profound experience of her yoga practises so much that she decided to enter a teacher training course at de nieuwe yogaschool in Amsterdam. Her enthusiasm and creativity inspired many of her co-workers to join her yoga journey and now she teaches vinyasa yoga at Nachtlab in her free hours.

Are you up for a celebration, renewal and expansion?! We sure are. Sign up this month so you get the early bird price and you receive the specially prepared missives leading up to the retreat. These missives are like written goodie bags full of the right stuff!

We are very excited to share this journey with you! It will be a energising and grounding experience. Our foundation will be rooted in the earth from where we rise up to meet the light. We are reborn.

See you soon seedlings!


♡♡♡ NAMASTE ♡♡♡

Kim Kuijpers

Where the wildlings are…..This is Kim Kuijpers. Creativity and curiosity have always been her life motives. It is her job to create worlds within worlds, which she does in style with a touch of magic and a dash of the surreal. Eight years ago she started practising yoga, a choice that has led her to a more balanced lifestyle and a deeper sense of awareness. Kim enjoyed the profound experience of her yoga practises so much that she decided to enter a teacher training course at de nieuwe yogaschool in Amsterdam. Her enthusiasm and creativity inspired many of her co-workers to join her yoga journey and now she teaches vinyasa yoga at Nachtlab in her free hours.

Start the day energetic, grounded and focused! Rock n roll on the mat!

Sardegna, a well kept secret!

I have talked about this before but I am not sure it reached as many ears as I would have liked. It sometimes feels like we are living in a beautiful, even stunning, but unknown world. How come? Well, Sardegna seems to be only visited in the summer, when the sun is scorching the earth turning her fields into patches of vibrant yellow. Water is scarce as the rivers dry up and the lakes lend their volume to the farmers in the south. People bake themselves golden brown at the crowded beaches, cooling themselves in the clear turquoise waters of the sea. They prowl over the full boulevards to hunt for souvenirs at the many market stalls. Often, the heat is too obvious, too apparent, to do anything but go to the beach.

I am not saying summer in Sardegna isn’t fun or worth experiencing. On the contrary, I completely understand the pull this island has to those who live in other cultures and colder climates. I also understand that visiting another country during the year isn’t possible for everyone. But for those who can travel outside this season, for those who are capable of taking a break in other parts of the year, I need to speak up!

Sardegna is like a well kept secret. Outside of the high season her beaches are almost empty, while the sun still caresses the island and offers her warmth, while the sea still glows after being heated up so many weeks. You can camp almost everywhere with a little tent or camper van. You will be able to actually undertake little trips around the island without melting. Visiting waterfalls, canyons, churches and archeological mysteries. You will be able to go on a hike through forests full with wildlife, a bike tour along nearly empty roads unwinding their way through the landscape. There are festivities and festivals all year long, with traditional clothing, dancing and singing, lots of homemade wines and gourmet foods and the exceptional masks and costumes of the mythical Sardinian beasts.

Visiting Sardegna in autumn means witnessing the awakening of nature, after the long dry summer months. Sardegna will be mostly green during the winter, offering beautiful scenarios full of life, enjoyable temperatures and the sun as a loyal companion. It is possible to visit the uncrowded beaches and sunbath until the beginning of November, with the temperature of the water slowly lowering from the 25° C of the summer till the 15° of the winter.

Autumn and spring are the best seasons to practice outdoor sports. The wind and the swells are consistent, and the sun gives a rest to rock climbers, permitting to climb the otherwise too hot spots (like Castello di Medusa in Samugheo). Trekking’s are also more pleasurable during these seasons, and reaching cala Goloritzè, the canyon of Gorropu or the ancient hidden village of Tiscali are much more fun in these more comfortable seasons.

As the first rains fall, water streams become more consistent. This enlivens the waterfalls and rivers (Sos Molinos, sa Stiddiosa, ecc…) and makes them even more attractive. The hot springs of the village Fordongianus are well worth the visit when the temperatures drop a little and the nights get cooler. The hot water meets the fresh water of the river where it is possible to create little pools of relaxation by placing the river stones just the way it suits you best.

Autumn is the month of the grape harvest, and there are many festivals that celebrate this distinctive and ancient fermented fruit juice, usually accompanied by regional and seasonal products. Autumn in Barbagia is a series of festivities in the heart of Sardegna. Every week, more than 30 villages open their doors to visitors, offering delicacies, showing their traditions and costumes. Cheese, wine, bread and sweets are the protagonists of these lively events. But as the traditions in Sardegna are kept alive, there will be plenty of authentic music, singing and dancing as well.

And last but not least, autumn is also the time for mushroom hunting! There are so many tasty edible mushrooms to be found in the forests around Sorradile. The most wanted one being the porcini, a wide stemmed mushroom with a round cap that has white or yellow spores. My goodness, this mushroom is a tasty one! And to be able to go out and find them yourself and prepare them for lunch is a rewarding and satisfying experience. We often go out by ourselves to hunt these fungi friends but there are several expeditions around this time that you can sign up for that bring a mushroom expert along and prepare the lunch for you.

Unlearn & Rewild

Unlearn & Rewild is the part of Su Ferreri that is focussed on healing, transformation, integration and our inner truth. We believe that change starts within ourselves. If we want to create a better world we have the power within us to be the change we wish to see around us. Knowing yourself is one of the first steps towards being able to make a change. Personal healing is a huge part of global healing.

We realised as we grew up that a lot of the information we got from our families, society, education systems etc is coloured by the motives and goals of the monetary system we live in, aka capitalism. One of the lessons we learn at a young age is that we are separate from nature; nature is dirty; nature is unsafe.

The social conditioning that happens as we grow up is a fact of life, it can not be avoided. But we can be aware and challenge the teachings that we receive. Alessandro and me come from different places, with teaching alike and diverse, but at one point in life our paths crossed. We found that both of us were challenging the teachings of the collective so we were happy to have endless conversations about finding our individual truth together.

From these long conversations from the depths of our souls spun the idea to create a place where others could do the same. To become aware of social conditioning, let go what does not serve us, or feels good for us, and integrate once more with our roots in nature.  The civilisation we ,dominant western culture, created is driven by the urge to domesticate.

“Once human societies start domesticating each other and their land bases, that is, violating and smothering their will, the process seems to become obsessive; it feeds itself. … It may be that humans began domesticating and developing agricultural societies with beautiful intentions, but once the process of taking wild space and turning it into human-designed ‘production’ begins, things go out of control……The final dream of civilisation is that everything will be controlled, organised, categorised; all wildness and spontaneity will be eradicated. Fish will live in fish farms. Trees will grow in tree farms. Animals for our food will live in feedlots. Humans will live in cities completely isolated from any other creatures (except cute pets), isolated from anything that might remind them of true wild nature. … Of course, it isn’t really the future i am describing.”

 — Miles Olson / Unlearn, Rewild —

The leading societies of today’s world practise a separation from wildness. A division between the wild and the civilised. The cultivation of this split has created a feeling of uneasiness, longing and loneliness. A feeling of not belonging. Many people feel a sense of loss but they are unsure of the root. They fill up the gap they feel inside with what they think they miss. Things like money, power and status.

Enter Su Ferreri, the blacksmiths house. A house build by the grandfather of Alessandro who transformed iron into tools now became a centre for people to gather and transform questions into answers. We created the Unlearn & Rewild program to help people find their inner truth, their own truth. It helps you to become aware of the choices you have. Unlearn & Rewild offers information and support in the form of private sessions, workshops, retreats and seminars.

Unlearn stands for the letting go of the social conditioning that doesn’t fit you. Our societies have an agenda of their own, and the lessons we learn in life when we grow up are connected to the needs of that society, not the needs of the person. The same goes for certain values we learn from our families and friends, we all go through different processes in life and the needs and answers we seek can vary according to our differences. We want to help you rediscover your own needs. Your answers, your values. That is where we start to Rewild.

“To rewild necessarily means understanding and unlearning our conditioning, the cultural programming that determines how we see and interact with the world. … To believe that humans are not animals; that animals do not think or feel or speak.That humans have “intelligence” and it is unique to us. That the “natural” world is separate from the “human” world and exists as an inexhaustible pool of “resources” for human consumption. That you work, you pay rent, you buy food. You don’t ask why

  — Miles Olson / Unlearn, Rewild —

Rewild stands for the re-integration with nature. Essentially with ourselves, since we are nature. One of the values and lessons that society teaches us is that we are separate from nature. We all learn that nature is dangerous, dirty and chaotic. We, as a well functioning society that focusses on making money, need to be clean and structured. Nature makes us sick, nature could kill us, nature creates chaos and a mess. Nature is only safe in a domesticated and disinfected way. When we integrate, or re-integrate, with our wildness and thus nature, we will be able to heal. We heal ourselves and we will be one step closer to healing the world.

“Rewilding stands opposite to domestication. Where domestication means domination, control, oppression  and eradication of what does not submit, rewilding means breaking free from these elements and working against them, enabling others (human and non-human) to escape oppression and live with integrity. At its essence, the wildness, the life force in everything domesticated is fighting to express itself, to find a crack, sprout and grow; to find a hole in the fence and make a break. This includes humans.”

                                                                                                       — Miles Olson / Unlearn, Rewild —