About us

Hi, we are Alessandro and Sandra. Here, among the olive and lemon trees, we created a place that enables you to (re)connect to nature and yourself. Su Ferreri is a guesthouse that offers the possibility to rent the house as a whole or to rent one of its rooms. Su Ferreri is also related to the Unlearn & Rewild program as it is the location from where we share, learn, experience, and teach the values of this program.

Our dream is to build a community of people who share our ideas of well-being, health, growth and gratitude. We have a holistic life view and believe strongly that integration leads to a happy, loving life.We invite you to join our journey deep into all that life has to offer.

We set up camp in the middle of Sardinia in a small village called Sorradile. Time itself seems to take a break in these rocky mountains and green valleys dotted with white sheep. The sun shows up as frequently as an old friend who lives next door. In the valley a huge lake stretches itself out, curling around the hills like a content cat. We find the surroundings nothing less than magical. A notion strengthened by the many archeological remnants of ancients civilisations that once inhabited the island.

A little bit more about Alessandro:

Alessandro grew up in Cagliari in the south of Sardinia. He has always felt a strong connection to the island, her nature and her mystic history. Another important connection to him is music, he can get lost in rhythms, vibrations and tones hours at a time. After a period of traveling and studying abroad he felt it was time to return to his beloved island in 2015. Since his return he has been working day and night together with his lover Sandra to transform the heritage of his fathers family into a school of life.

A little bit more about Sandra:

Sandra was born and raised in Breda, the Netherlands. She has been a free spirit since the day she was born, always willing to go out into the world and discover as much as she could. She appreciates the raw beauty of nature greatly and has a profound interest in human behaviour. Many travels and different studies guided her way toward where she is today. She has a bachelor degree in Cultural Anthropology and is a certified Lifecoach. She didn’t have to think long when Alessandro asked her to move to Sardegna with him. Su Ferreri is a combination of many of her dreams and interests.


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