Manda O’Leary

Where the wildings are….Manda’s relationship with movement begin at the age of 3. She used ballet and modern dance as a way to experiment and express herself as she traveled thru her youth.
Ballet gave her a deep understanding of the body but it wasn’t until her very first yoga class that she was touched by the body’s connection to the mind and soul.
Traveling thru this new found love she also began to travel thru the world. Leaving her home in America to discover a home with herself.
Manda believes, through the practice of yoga we find out authentic selves and become in touch with what we truly are. She eagerly shares what she loves most, healing through movement with nature as our guide. Manda has a deep connection with essential oils and all their benefits and powers and loves to incorporate them in her teaching.

“Inspiration comes sometimes
In the most simple moments,
For me, it was sitting with my grandmother, watching her massage oils
Into my feet, as she softly shared fairytales of where these healing oils came from.
My grandma was wise, not only with the knowledge she carried,
But because she was planting seeds with her words and she believed in the day I would pass those seeds on as well.
Nature provides us with everything we need to heal ourselves.
These oils are not only beautiful to smell and use on our skin or in our home, but there are alive and carrying a very high frequency of healing and nurture.
Learning how to emotionally connect to the oils is life enhancing, and life changing.

I can’t wait to share the secrets and wisdoms I have learned from my grandma with you, where we will take them from everyday use to exploring them on the mat with our yoga practice.”



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