Here in Sardinia we have felt the first breaths of spring already! Oh how delicious to have the warmth of the sun glow on our cheeks again. After a couple of dark, cold weeks and a LOT of time spend hugging the stove in our little casetta, I am noticing a breeze of change sweeping over our island. The breeze reminds us of sand, salty water and floral scents thick on the air. YES! You got it, it smells like a promise and a memory at the same time. It will not be long now. Spring is really on her way. I can almost hear those swallows chatting again in that funny little bird language they have.

So. You know what that means right?! Spring. That means it’s time to reset. Time to shake off those thick layers of contemplation and solemnity. Time to frolic and flutter again. I’d say it is the perfect time to transform all the wisdom and hibernated energy of winter into action. Like the seeds in the soil that spend all winter planning and dreaming, then when spring arrives they are all ready to pop up and go for it. They don’t hesitate but simply activate. They ROOT DOWN and RISE UP.

This Yoga retreat, 18th of May till 22nd of May, is not just about Yoga, it is a CELEBRATION! Of spring, of life, of yoga and obviously, and perhaps most importantly, of yourself. What to expect?


– Two yoga sessions a day
– Daily meditation practises
– Essential oil workshop
– Sensory chakra Journey
– Fermentation workshop
– Nature expeditions
– Heart opening cacao ceremony
– Sound & Vibrations feaured by AlO
– Three healthy vegetarian meals a day
– Authentic Italian guesthouse
 and hospitality

And of course we haven’t told you everything, we like to keep a few surprises up our sleeves!

Let me introduce to you the beautiful Kim Kuijpers, one of the yoga teachers that will inspire and guide you at this retreat.

A creative spirit pur sang. She rocks her job as art director events at Nachtlab agency. It is up to her to create worlds within worlds, which she does in style with a touch of magic and a dash of the surreal. Eight years ago she started practising yoga, a choice that has led her to a more balanced lifestyle and a deeper sense of awareness. Kim enjoyed the profound experience of her yoga practises so much that she decided to enter a teacher training course at de nieuwe yogaschool in Amsterdam. Her enthusiasm and creativity inspired many of her co-workers to join her yoga journey and now she teaches vinyasa yoga at Nachtlab in her free hours.

Are you up for a celebration, renewal and expansion?! We sure are. Sign up this month so you get the early bird price and you receive the specially prepared missives leading up to the retreat. These missives are like written goodie bags full of the right stuff!

We are very excited to share this journey with you! It will be a energising and grounding experience. Our foundation will be rooted in the earth from where we rise up to meet the light. We are reborn.

See you soon seedlings!


♡♡♡ NAMASTE ♡♡♡

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