Unlearn & Rewild

Unlearn & Rewild is the part of Su Ferreri that is focussed on healing, transformation, integration and our inner truth. We believe that change starts within ourselves. If we want to create a better world we have the power within us to be the change we wish to see around us. Knowing yourself is one of the first steps towards being able to make a change. Personal healing is a huge part of global healing.

We realised as we grew up that a lot of the information we got from our families, society, education systems etc is coloured by the motives and goals of the monetary system we live in, aka capitalism. One of the lessons we learn at a young age is that we are separate from nature; nature is dirty; nature is unsafe.

The social conditioning that happens as we grow up is a fact of life, it can not be avoided. But we can be aware and challenge the teachings that we receive. Alessandro and me come from different places, with teaching alike and diverse, but at one point in life our paths crossed. We found that both of us were challenging the teachings of the collective so we were happy to have endless conversations about finding our individual truth together.

From these long conversations from the depths of our souls spun the idea to create a place where others could do the same. To become aware of social conditioning, let go what does not serve us, or feels good for us, and integrate once more with our roots in nature.  The civilisation we ,dominant western culture, created is driven by the urge to domesticate.

“Once human societies start domesticating each other and their land bases, that is, violating and smothering their will, the process seems to become obsessive; it feeds itself. … It may be that humans began domesticating and developing agricultural societies with beautiful intentions, but once the process of taking wild space and turning it into human-designed ‘production’ begins, things go out of control……The final dream of civilisation is that everything will be controlled, organised, categorised; all wildness and spontaneity will be eradicated. Fish will live in fish farms. Trees will grow in tree farms. Animals for our food will live in feedlots. Humans will live in cities completely isolated from any other creatures (except cute pets), isolated from anything that might remind them of true wild nature. … Of course, it isn’t really the future i am describing.”

 — Miles Olson / Unlearn, Rewild —

The leading societies of today’s world practise a separation from wildness. A division between the wild and the civilised. The cultivation of this split has created a feeling of uneasiness, longing and loneliness. A feeling of not belonging. Many people feel a sense of loss but they are unsure of the root. They fill up the gap they feel inside with what they think they miss. Things like money, power and status.

Enter Su Ferreri, the blacksmiths house. A house build by the grandfather of Alessandro who transformed iron into tools now became a centre for people to gather and transform questions into answers. We created the Unlearn & Rewild program to help people find their inner truth, their own truth. It helps you to become aware of the choices you have. Unlearn & Rewild offers information and support in the form of private sessions, workshops, retreats and seminars.

Unlearn stands for the letting go of the social conditioning that doesn’t fit you. Our societies have an agenda of their own, and the lessons we learn in life when we grow up are connected to the needs of that society, not the needs of the person. The same goes for certain values we learn from our families and friends, we all go through different processes in life and the needs and answers we seek can vary according to our differences. We want to help you rediscover your own needs. Your answers, your values. That is where we start to Rewild.

“To rewild necessarily means understanding and unlearning our conditioning, the cultural programming that determines how we see and interact with the world. … To believe that humans are not animals; that animals do not think or feel or speak.That humans have “intelligence” and it is unique to us. That the “natural” world is separate from the “human” world and exists as an inexhaustible pool of “resources” for human consumption. That you work, you pay rent, you buy food. You don’t ask why

  — Miles Olson / Unlearn, Rewild —

Rewild stands for the re-integration with nature. Essentially with ourselves, since we are nature. One of the values and lessons that society teaches us is that we are separate from nature. We all learn that nature is dangerous, dirty and chaotic. We, as a well functioning society that focusses on making money, need to be clean and structured. Nature makes us sick, nature could kill us, nature creates chaos and a mess. Nature is only safe in a domesticated and disinfected way. When we integrate, or re-integrate, with our wildness and thus nature, we will be able to heal. We heal ourselves and we will be one step closer to healing the world.

“Rewilding stands opposite to domestication. Where domestication means domination, control, oppression  and eradication of what does not submit, rewilding means breaking free from these elements and working against them, enabling others (human and non-human) to escape oppression and live with integrity. At its essence, the wildness, the life force in everything domesticated is fighting to express itself, to find a crack, sprout and grow; to find a hole in the fence and make a break. This includes humans.”

                                                                                                       — Miles Olson / Unlearn, Rewild —



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