Women Circle Retreat

Soon it is time again to gather under the new moon and share, connect and bond in our femininity. We celebrate our womanhood and sisterhood together in a long weekend filled with profound connection. The previous gatherings have been nothing less but magical, so full of sharing, caring, exploring and discovering. I wish for any women to experience the support, connection and recognition that we feel during these days and long after.

When I first felt the idea coming into existence in my head, I never could have imagined how profound these meetings would be. How much light, happiness and peace they would give me and the women who participated. Now I know that this idea didn’t come to me by accident or coincidence. It was a seed that needed to sprout, a gift from life itself. Sorradile, our authentic Sardinian village, is the perfect place for this women circle. Here we can relax into timelessness, nature and the caress of the sun. There are no distractions, no hurries or stress. There is just us, together, in harmony. We will be enjoying each others company, delicious Italian food and the intentional movements of our bodies, while we release all that doesn’t serve us anymore and recharge our batteries.

I invite you with warmth and sincerity into my home to experience the magic of the circle for yourself. This October we will gather under the new moon from the  19th till 22nd. You will stay at Su Ferreri, the Blacksmiths House. Please fill in the form so I can check you in and give you further details. You are also welcome to ask any questions with this form.



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