A Journey to the Heart – Chakra Yoga Retreat

 This September we will create something special together with Amanda Oleary and Kim Kuijpers.  A Journey to the Heart is a Chakra Yoga retreat that focusses on…….you guessed it…..the chakras! I am very excited to be able to work with these beautiful humans for whenever we get together, magic happens.

Join us on a journey through the chakras at our yoga retreat in gorgeous Sardinia. We will welcome you on the 17th of May with refreshments and a delicious Italian dinner. For the next five days we will be travelling through time and space guided by our own inner forces and healing centers. We will open and awaken each chakra with yoga, essential oil massages, pranayama and connection tools. We close our retreat in style on the evening of the 22th. A little peek into what we will be teaching and sharing, all connected to and inspired by the chakras:

– two daily yoga sessions
– daily meditation practise
– essential oil workshops
– an introduction to thai massage
– connection workshop
– Sensory Chakra Journey
– nature expeditions
– Sound & Vibrations feaured by AlO
– three healthy vegetarian meals a day

You will stay at Su Ferreri, the Blacksmiths House, in a village in the middle of Sardegna where time seems to stand still. Sorradile is situated on a mountain surrounded by vineyards, olive trees, forests, energetic rock formations and archeological sites. From the terrace of the house you look out over the big lake and on clear days you can see the shimmer of the ocean in the distance. The house is spacious and comfortable with an authentic style and can accommodate up to 15 people. During the retreat we will enjoy beautiful Italian food made with love and care. We love healthy, plant-based slow food with as much local ingredients as possible.

Please be sure to reserve your spot with us as places are limited. There are six bedrooms in our house with a total of nine single beds and three double beds and three bathrooms. (There is the possibility to join two single beds into a double if needed.) You can tell us your preference for a certain room or roommate, the earlier you reserve the more chance you have to end up with your preferred choice. The beds are arranged in the following order:
– room of the owls: three single beds
– room of the wolves: two single beds (private bathroom)
– room of the equine: three/four single beds
– room West: one double french bed
– room East: one double bed/ one single bed
– room Southwest: one double bed

The price we ask for this retreat is € . You have reserved a spot after you transferred a reservation fee of € . Two weeks before the retreat you are kindly asked to transfer the remaining € .

We are very excited to share this journey with you! It will be a mystical yet grounding experience. We will fill our hearts with joy and love so we can continue the greatest journey of all, our life, with lightness and spaciousness.



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