Summer workshops

This summer of love we will be travelling to a few festivals to share some of our knowledge with you! We would love to meet you at one of these locations so take a look at our agenda to see if we will be somewhere near you. Below you will find a short description of our workshops.

Deepen your Connection – Couple Workshop

In this workshop we aim to establish a more profound connection between two people. We will start with opening our senses and selves to a few key concepts we deem necessary to sustain a relationship and continue with deepening and strengthening the existing bond. Furthermore we will explore two essentials of connection; receiving and giving.

In order to maintain healthy and loving relationships we need to have a healthy and loving relationship with ourselves. In order to trust, we need to be able to trust ourselves. Every relationship and interaction we have with the world and each other starts within ourselves. So this is also where we start our workshop. Once we created this space within ourselves we can look outward. From a position of self love, trust and confidence we move our attention toward the significant other. We will create a strong connection/bond with one another through which will we share/communicate love, truth and gratitude.

Couples will leave this workshop with a deeper sense of self and consequently a deeper sense of togetherness.


Mystic Truth – Private Healing

I offer private healing sessions to get in touch with your own mystic truth. I believe that we all have our own inner wisdom and so the answers to our questions are within ourselves. In our session you will learn how to listen to your inner voice and shed the layers created by outside authorities. You will explore tools to let go of social conditioning and adventure inside your own landscape. We will delve deep into the mysterious waters of your soul to emerge with knowledge, vision and clarity.

I have several techniques that I like to use. My sessions feature breath work, conscious movement, visualisation, inner journey, energetic exercises (i.e. an energetic manifestation of inner parts in dialogue), affirmation, tarot readings, inner critic (i.e. self talk), archetypes, creative expression, the medicine wheel, active stillness, journaling and more.


The Act of Fermentation – Seminar/workshop

For us, fermentation is a way of reclaiming our rights to healthy food. An act of empowerment or even rebellion. Rebellion against a system that makes it increasingly difficult for her population to have acces to healthy and real food. After all, food is a social construct and we are taught what we can or cannot eat through culture. These days few people even know anymore what real food looks like and there is a growing fear for food that is alive, like fermentations.

To ferment is not just a healthy practise, it is also a grounding practise, enabling you to tune in each time you work with your ferments. It is a moment to be fully present, fully in the moment and be aware. This time you spend on your ferments is essentially time you spend on yourself.  As the ferments are connected with your body and health; your existence.

It is our goal to show people there is nothing scary about cultured food; anyone can do it and it is healthy and very tasty!


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