The new Yoga Studio!

I can’t tell you how happy we are that we finally finished the yoga studio. But I will try. We are so happy! Haha, seriously. Of all the projects and home improvement we had to do the last one and a half year, this area was one of the most challenging for us. Previously it was the workshop of the blacksmith, Alo’s grandfather, and the place was full of iron, tools and unidentified objects. The cleaning out was half of the work and it took us long enough. After that things went a bit smoother.


After all the hard work we were stoked to host the first yoga retreat at our place. You can read more about the retreat and the Soneiro Collective (the couple we collaborated with) here.



We can’t wait to host and organise more retreats in this beautiful space. Did you know that it is also possible to rent our Yoga Studio for private teachings or classes? There is room for 15+ people to practise yoga, plus the teacher. The room is about 53 m2 with a high ceiling. Yogamats are available on request. For more information about the yoga studio, retreats, lessons or renting you can leave a comment or send us an email. We are happy to help you find what fits your wishes the best.


One Comment on “The new Yoga Studio!

  1. Love this! I’m heading to the Tai Chi Gala & Retreat ( ) in the Poconos in June, and I could use all the warm up I can get. It’s like adult summer camp for the mind, body, and soul! 🙂