Cycling around Sorradile

We have seen them around on the island at times. Always strong and confident, with concentrated faces. Now and again all dressed down with red faces gulping down water. They always ignite such awe in me. I admire there perseverance and courage and strength. Cyclers. They must feel free as the wind going downhill at such speeds that it already tickles me thinking of it.But the uphills, oh wow, those can be intense on our little island. And they just go, steadfast, until they reach the top.

It is a beautiful island for cycling. In April we had the pleasure of hosting a couple of cyclers at Su Ferreri and they were so nice to share their routes with us. So if you are looking for a sportive holiday where beautiful scenery, good food, sweet people and almost empty roads make you happy, then cycling in Sardegna might be for you!

Here is the info that our cyclers gave us, I hope you enjoy it! They stayed at Su Ferreri and left from the house almost each time. Once they took their bikes in the car with them to start a little further. For any who is interested, they also gave us their GPX files.


Ride 1

101 km, 1786 m climbing

A ride from Bosa along the coast to Alghero and back through the mountains. The coast road is very beautiful with some small climbs. The mountains on the way back are a bit higher.


Ride 2

55 km, 990 m climbing

Nice ride in the hills east of Sorradile, very nice roads and no very steep bits (maximum around 7%).


Ride 3

102 km, 1804 m climbing

Ride to the Lago Gusana. The first part is relatively flat, after Olzai the road goes up into the hills. After some nice climbs and descends around the Lago Gusana, the climb from Tiana is a bit more challenging  (around 10-11%). After the descend to Austis there are some relatively easy climbs before the descend back to Sorradile.


Ride 4

39 km, 728 m climbing

Short ride to Neoneli, Busachi (nice for a coffee), then a steep descend to the lake and back to Sorradile.


Ride 5

46 km, 801 m climbing

A nice ride in the mountains close to Sorradile including some great descends too.


Ride 6

111 km, 1866 m climbing

This ride starts with a quick descend to the lake followed by the climb back up to Ghilarza. Then a gradual ascend to Santu Lussurzu after which the road climbs into the mountains around Cuglieri. These are some very nice mountain roads which arent too steep but take you up to almost 900 m above the sea. Once over the pass, you can enjoy a great view on the Sea during the descend to Cuglieri. The way back leads over some small mountain roads back to Ghilarza.


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