My yoga journey

I started practising yoga little under a year ago. It was always on my list of things that I wanted to incorporate in my daily life, but somehow it never happened. I knew I wanted it, I knew it would make my life better, but I kept making excuses for not starting up a practise. I don’t have time for yoga. I don’t have money to go to a yoga class. I am already so busy with other important things, I just want to relax when I am home. And maybe a more silent conviction; I am not flexible enough to do yoga.

So the years went by and I didn’t get into yoga. Others around me did, and once in a while I went to a kundalini yoga class with them which always left me very impressed and aware of how much good it would do me to start a regular yoga practise. A few years ago I went to Sudtirol to work for a season in the swimming pool of a friend of mine. This job led to a grape picking job when the summer season was over and that job led to a job at the Christmas market in Innsbruck, Austria. Here I met the most amazing guy, working in the stall right next to me and we fell in love hard. So hard that I moved to his home place with him after a crazy summer traveling around the south of Europe in a little camper van. And here, on the beautiful island of Sardegna in a small village surrounded by olive trees and vinyards, I finally let yoga into my life.

Boy, did that change everything! I started easy with a 30 day program of one of my yoga crushes Adriene Mishler. She has amazing free videos on youtube that will help any beginner into a great practise. I enjoyed all of her videos so much, and I still come back to them. She helped me to get into a daily practise and taught me many of the foundations, all the while sending so much enthusiasm and joy across that screen. Then my practise evolved to a new level because a dear friend gifted me a month of yoga with The House of  Yoga online school. This opened yet another dimension for me regarding to my daily practise. They have many video’s with a variety of asana practises but also include a bunch of talks and meditation video’s.

These days I am such a huge fan of yoga, I love how it brings me so much deeper into life and myself. Sure, I am way more flexible than when I started, but that isn’t the reason why I am just head over heels in love with yoga. It is the profound relation I am cultivating every single day with who I am. It is the way it enables me to release those emotions, situations, thoughts or ideas that don’t serve me. It is the opening up to a higher sense of being alive. It is the way it shows me how to cope with stress and difficulties. I probably could go on and on about why I am so happy to finally let yoga into my life. But I won’t. Because yoga is also about you, it is unique for everyone because we are all different. So what makes me happy doesn’t have to be what makes you happy.

That being said, I would love to open up a conversation about your yoga. Why do you love it so much? What is your relationship to your practise? I am all ears!

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  1. I love this! I just started practicing yoga less than a year ago myself, and the more I do it, the more I fall in love with it. I love how it allows me to drown out the noise of every day life and just listen to myself. Before getting into yoga, I would regularly go to the gym, and with each step on the treadmill, some outside stress would be what fueled my fire. With yoga, the stress melts away and for a period of time it doesn’t even exist. It’s just me in my body. That pureness is why I love yoga. Looking forward to reading future posts of yours.


    • This is exactly how i feel! Recently i have taken my practise outdoors to beautiful locations around the village we live in. It can give your yoga practise an extra dimension, i definately recommend it :). I posted a little video on our instagram where we yoga at a sanctuary of the village below us.


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