Sandra van Duuren

Where the wildlings are…

From a young age on I have been interested in discovering the unknown and it didn’t matter to me whether that unknown was outside or inside me. After years of traveling, studying and discovering the world around me, I felt I wanted more. I decided to enrol for a private school that offered Lifecoach courses.  I was excited to be venturing into new and mysterious depths of myself but at the same time my world seemed to turn upside down. In a way I had to get lost before I could find myself again. The experience left me with a deeper sense of who I am and what I want and need in life. It also equipped me with useful tools and knowledge, so that I can guide others who feel as adventurous as me. In the years that followed my life, and I, changed more. I felt drawn towards a more natural way of living, a closer contact with everything that essentially is life. Now I live in a small Sardinian village where I am rediscovering many of the lost arts of life.

I feel strongly about the empowerment of humankind. I see all around me how people have lost their sense of self worth. How they are unsure about their own feelings and ideas. I feel that the current society and system has left us with a loss of who we are and what we are capable of. It is important to me to reconnect people with their inner strength. Their inner knowledge. We are all creatures of endless evolution and we carry within us the fruits of this journey of trial and error. We are wise beyond words. We are destined to be content and even happy beings, coexisting with the world around us. But we made some collective choices that had disastrous consequences. Yet it is never to late to go back. Since we are natural beings, always connected to life and existence itself, we have the possibility to reconnect to that primal strength and wisdom. I feel drawn to help those who wish to do so on their way. I am not here to tell you what to do, or what to feel. I am here to share my journey and the tips and tricks I learned on my path. I believe you have all the necessary tools within yourself. But for most it is difficult to reach that knowledge. I can help you with turning inward and reconnecting to your essence, your birthright. You are complete, you are whole, you are connected. We are one. We are love.

Our program Unlearn & Rewild has the same values and goals as my coaching practise. I believe that we all have our own inner wisdom and so the answers to our questions are within ourselves. In a coaching session I aim at reconnecting you with your deepest self. We will delve into the mysterious waters of your soul to emerge with knowledge, vision and clarity. My style is intuitive, I create a comfortable and trusting rapport that enables you to open up and share your wishes. On this journey I will be a guide, instead of telling you what needs to be done, I coach you to find your answers and knowledge within yourself.

My sessions feature breath work, conscious movement, visualisation, energetic exercises (i.e. an energetic manifestation of inner parts in dialogue), affirmation, tarot readings, inner critic (i.e. self talk), archetypes, creative expression, the medicine wheel and more. Through communication and immersion you will explore a new world of self love, confidence, empowerment and joy.


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