Roberto Desogus

Where the wild things are…

Hi, I am Roberto. I have just graduated in Physiotherapy at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, University of Cagliari. Before this I explored more in the realm of knowledge which left me with a degree in Economics (Faculty of Economy, University of Cagliari) and a certificate of Reflexology (a one year course in a well known studio of Chinese medicine in Cagliari). After all these years of education I feel that now is the time for me to embrace my passions like long distance kayaking, rock climbing and the most important one – deep meditation. I see Meditation as a way of life e.g. a way to treat myself and others. I believe in the use of scientific knowledge combined with holistic connections between our muscular/ skeletal structure and the  rest of the body. In my treatments I love to integrate my knowledge as a professional physiotherapist with meditation and relaxation techniques.


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