Gunshots & prosecco

That pretty much sums up the new year’s celebrations in our little Sardinian village. While most of the people got their guns out at midnight to happily shoot in the air, we were already in bed after an intimate meal with a dear friend. As I was feeling a bit under the weather I thought an early night was just the thing so we made our plans to celebrate the next day. On the 1st of January, when most people were still in bed with a small headache and tired eyes, we set out to Fordongianus (a village 30 minutes to the south west of us) to take a long relaxing bath in their thermal river. We made sure to bring a good bottle of bubbles, fruit and panettone so we could catch up with traditional celebrating. We left out the shotgun though. It was the most rewarding experience and a delicious way of starting the new year. We stayed in the water for a couple of hours, contemplating the old and the new year, and came out super tranquil and cosy, refreshed and with lots of renewed energy. We even tanned slightly because the sun was shining the whole day. This treat definitely is going to be regular in 2017!



Speaking of which, we are very excited about 2017 and all the new things that we will be able to share. We will open in the spring and have yet a couple of months of hard labour to go before this happy event but we are looking forward to it a great deal. In the coming months we will finish some big renovations like the yoga studio and the meditation attic and fine tune the details. Su Ferreri will be available from spring on for all kind of gatherings, sleepovers, retreats, workshops and visits. We will keep you updated through this website and our other social media (like instagram and Facebook) so you won’t miss anything!

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