A Little goes a Long way…

So I wanted to write a little bit about all the help we are getting with the works we have to do. This project that we started about a year ago has been, and still is, a huge work. We don’t have a lot of finances and we try to be as environmental friendly as we can. There is a lot of work to be done and we have three dogs, a cat, two donkeys and a little nonna to take care of on the side. Everywhere we turn there is more of unfinished projects, cleaning, constructions or gardening to be done. It sometimes really makes my heart sink to have the feeling of being incapable to make it all happen. That is why we are so very grateful for all the help we get. It is truly the best feeling ever to have friends and family around that are supporting and caring. We get all sorts of help in all sorts of forms; small, big, financial, manual, encouraging words, dog and nonna sitting, mail and many more. So although we are at times overwhelmed by the size of our dreams and we feel alone, deserted and cut off from our previous lives, again and again there are those moments that feel like warm embraces after a good cry. We want to thank every one of you who extends a hand and helps us in any one of those many ways. All of it makes a huge difference in our process.


THANK YOU! ALL OF YOU! You know who you are! You might not be in one of these pictures but you are in our hearts.



One Comment on “A Little goes a Long way…

  1. Good luck bro. Passare pa alla a saludarle en Sardigna. Peace & love