Welcome to Su Ferreri

Welcome to Su Ferreri, the Blacksmiths House. A house that was built by Alessandro’s grandfather and given in our care for the time being. The style of the house is authentic and traditional but we will add a few twists of our own. We are excited to revive the workshop of the blacksmith into a yoga studio and get the energy flowing in there again. Our attic we will renovate into a place of quiet and contemplation where one can retreat for meditation, relaxation or simply to enjoy some silence.

Su Ferreri will open this spring as a School of Life. A center for everybody to come together and share, teach, learn and experience all that makes life the adventure it is. We encourage you to stay with us and (re)connect to yourself and all that is around you. We believe in a holistic approach of life and rather than focusing on only one aspect we like to stay open for all that life has to offer. Well being,health, growth and gratitude are important to us, not only on a personal level but also on a communal and even worldly level. We try to engage as much as we can in these matters and invite you to do the same while you share your time with us.

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