The Tale of Women

It had been some time now that I found myself thinking about organising a women circle. The thought found it’s way into my already busy mind and although I had a million other things to attend to it lingered there and did not leave me. So I decided to take myself serious and send out a few messages to see if women around me found this idea as appealing as me. As it turned out I got many enthusiastic reactions and this convinced me to just go for it instead of postponing it to more calm times.

We had our first circle half of October, here in Sorradile. It was a magical meeting of women from Sardegna, Holland and Germany. Each of them with beautiful things to share  and the circle turned out even better than in my thoughts.

I feel that a women circle gives the perfect opportunity to teach to and learn from each other. I asked each participant in advance to think of something that they wanted to share. It could be anything and so we ended up with some really cool things, from breathing exercises to friendship rituals to sound healing and more. We talked (a lot) about what it means to be a woman and how we feel about the woman archetype in this society. There was a lot of laughter, a few tears and many hugs. After three days of spending time together the group was close and intimate and the connection strong. This connection still remains with me today as I think of these women often and send them love and support from my heart to theirs. The women circle was an elevating and profound experience for me and I can’t wait to organise the next one.


lunch on the terrace

Here are some feedbacks from the participants:


Last week I came back from a magical time and place in Sardinia, Italy. A place where life can truly be enjoyed to the fullest and where I was taken to places were I became silent because of it’s beauty. How? Meet Sandra and her two donkeys. I feel so lucky to know such brave, warm and inspiring persons as her and her lover Alo (not on the picture 😉 who for the past year have been building and creating with their own hands a place so beautiful and that holds energy so peaceful, it cannot be described but should be experienced. At the guest house the scenery feels like a painting, their Olive Garden looks like one out of a fairytale and they have three dogs, one cat and two donkeys to complete the picture. This serene mirage is situated in a picturesque little village where their dream is to start The School of Life for all who wish to learn, love and share. For now the rest of the world is lucky enough to get the chance to meet these incredible lovebirds and experience it for themselves.

P.S.: they made the best pizza I ever ate!


Girls and women out there! there is so much we should talk about ! So much to share.

My approach for this is not a political nor a hyper spiritual one. It is about strengthening femininity – not by discrediting the masculine – but by opening the heart, building down walls, sharing wisdom, connecting and really meditate about what it means to be a woman. And so we did in our circle. We walked up a mountain and stayed for two days at the sacral place of the village, being surrounded by endless nature and silence. It felt like a community vision quest. Ceremonies, meditation, rituals under a bright full moon, before we went back to the village, the boys and reality.

The magic that happened in this week was deep.  What we did and what came up stays in that circle but each of us 8 women left it with a message for ourselves and a mission for all the other women out there. (


What a powerful thing when women gather together. In this weekend I felt I could be myself completely, under the good care of Sandra, the amazing homemade pizza of Alessandro and the unconditional love of the women. I felt accepted in my strength and vulnerability. It was wonderful to experience the nature of Sardinia, the sweet village and the wisdom we shared. I am grateful and went home with a bigger bag than I came with. I hope to be back soon on this special island. (


santa maria


welcome ceremony


women circle

The credits for these beautiful pictures go to Alisa Portuondo


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